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Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China The word Macao or Macau is commonly seen as both correctly spelled, Macau is an English word, and Macao is a Portuguese word because Macau was a Portuguese colony long before being returned to mainland China. Architectural Buildings It is also famous in the casino town of Las Vegas of the Eastern world, where the night atmosphere is completely different during the day.  

Macau is not a very big island. The trip from one point to another is very short, which is a good thing that tourists come to Macau in two ways: by plane to Macau International Airport.  Another popular way is by ferry from Hong Kong. Some tourists stay overnight in Hong Kong and visit. Day tour in Macau

Shopping at Senado Square, a square built around the 19th-20th century, is home to many landmarks such as the ruins of St. Paul’s Gate, the Lee Al Senado Building, the Bureau of Mercy and St. Dominic’s Cathedral, all within walking distance.  Around the square is an old building that has been converted into a brand-name shop. Famous Restaurants Along the alleyways is a small shop.

China currently has two special administrative regions: Hong Kong and Macau.

Many people know Hong Kong, but for Macau, it’s probably a name that’s not familiar to some people.

Macau is a Chinese special administrative region located on the south east coast of China. By the 16th century, the Portuguese were the first Europeans to trade with Macao.

History tells us that many cities were colonized by Westerners. Most of it is due to the defeat of war. But for the case of Macau, it is different.

Macau was once a Portuguese colony because of the trade relationship between Portuguese merchants and natives. Portugal leased the area directly to Macau from China and developed it into an important port city for trade, especially tea and silk goods.

Macau was under Portuguese rule for more than 400 years before being handed back to China in 1999.

Macao is currently governed under the principle of “1 country, 2 systems”, whereby Macau has its own political, legal, economic and financial systems, but is still considered a territory of China. The system has been in use in Macau for 50 years, from 1999 to 2049.

Macau currently has a total area of 115 square kilometers. The population is about 696,100.

In 2019, Macau’s GDP was 1.7 trillion baht.

But interestingly,

The average per capita income of people in Macau is 2.4 million baht.

If Macau is a country, It is the third highest average per capita income country in the world, second only to Luxembourg and Switzerland, and when we talk about Macau, the industry that makes it known to people all over the world is the Casino business, which is nicknamed “GamblingCapital of the World” or the City of Casino of the World.

The Casino business in Macau dates to 1850 or 170 years ago, when the Portuguese government at the time legalized Casino.

MACAU, MACAU – JULY 18: Casino Lisboa, operated by SJM Holdings Ltd., stands in Macau, Macau, on July 18, 2018. According to the date from Statistics and Census Bureau (DSEC), the Tourist Price Index, which reflects the price change of goods and services purchased by visitors, went up 2.78 per cent year-on-year to 129.86 in the second quarter of 2018. (Photo by S3studio/Getty Images)

Later, in 1961, the Macao government permanently declared Macau a casino city to earn more money for the government. Currently, there are 41 kasinos in Macau, each of which is enormous. There is a lot of cash flow in the system.

Did you know that in 2019, casino business in Macau has a turnover of 1.1 trillion baht, or about 67% of Macao’s GDP, and when the business is in the system, the Macao government can collect a lot of taxes from casino businesses.

Every 100 baht of the company that runs a casino business in Macau is taxable to the government of 40 baht, which is very high compared to the Las Vegas business of the United States, which is taxed at only 6.75 baht.

As a result, tax revenues from Macau’s casino business are expected to be increased. Nearly 80% of government revenue, part of which is allocated to the education system, is allocated by students in Macau for free until the age of 15.

Another business that is the second most important is the tourism business, although Macau is a small town, but it has many historical landmarks, which are registered as more than 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

In 2019, tourism revenue excluding casino business generated revenues of over 251 billion baht. If you look at the area of Macau that is 13 times smaller than Bangkok, the amount of tourism revenue is quite large.

In all, both the casino and travel businesses have a combined value of nearly 1.3 trillion baht, or approximately 76% of GPD Macao.

And of course, when the COVID-19 pandemic occurs, in 2020, the crisis hit Macau’s economy hard.

Summary of interesting information

  • In 2019, the number of tourists to Macau reached 39.9 million.
  • Over 88% of tourists from China and Hong Kong love to make a fortune.
  • That’s because in all the cities of China, there’s a way to get to china. Kasino is also an illegal business.
  • And the only city that allows casinos to be legal is Macau.

Location / Area Size

Located on the eastern coast of China and west of the Pearl Delta (PRD), bordering Guangdong, Macau occupies 29.9square kilometers (40 times smaller than Hong Kong and 23 times smaller than Singapore), consisting of theMacao Peninsula and two islands, Taipa  Island and Coloane      Island. Friendship Bridge (Ponte da Amizade) and Sai Van Bridge for the two islands are connected by reclamation areas.


According to statistics and census service in Macau, in 2012, Macau had a population of about 582,000, consisting of 280,300 males and 301,700 females, with a population growth rate of 1.06 percent, with 92.3 percent of the population being Chinese, 2.7 percent Filipino and 0.9 percent Portuguese. Portuguese and Cantonese are currently used as official languages. Mandarin is increasingly being used, especially in business dealings. The majority of the population is Buddhist Mahayana. Taoism And Christianity.

History / Culture

Fishermen from Fujian province and farmers from Guangdong province were the first to settle in Macau, with Macau formerly known as “Ou Mun”, which means the gateway to trade, since Macau is located at the mouth of the Pearl River and is also part of the Silk Road in the past.

Despite China’s no longer being the world’s commercial hub, guangzhou city is still prosperous from maritime and maritime trade. In the 1550s, Portuguese merchants and explorers came to Ou Mun and called the area A Ma Gao, which refers to the land of the sailorprotector.

The Portuguese began to build cities in Macau, making Macau a trading hub between China, Japan, India and Europe, and an area where Eastern cultures blended with Western culture.

After the end of the golden age of Portuguese colonization. The Dutch and British began to take over the business. However, China also chose to trade abroad through Portuguese living in Macau. Later, when the Opium War began in 1841, Hong Kong became a British colony. As a result, foreign merchants began their journey out of Macau.

Nowadays, Macau is a special administrative region of China under the principle of “one country, two systems” and has developed industries in areas such as woven fabrics, electronic goods and toys. Macau is also gearing up to become a global tourism and entertainment hub. It has a mix of social and cultural features between East and West as a tourist attraction.

Important Resources

Macau has limited space and no natural forest areas. Therefore, there are no natural resources that are beneficial in economic way. Macau’s main revenue comes from manufacturing for export. Tourism & Casino Business

Climate Conditions

Macau has a subtropical climate with an average humidity of 75-90 percent. The average year-round temperature in Macau is 22.7 degrees Celsius. July will be the hottest month (average temperature 28.9°C) and month. January will be the coldest month (average temperature of 14.5°C). Macau also has a typhoon season during the month. May to Oct. With the most storms in months. July – Aug.

Political System

In the past, Macau was a portuguese colony. On December 20, 1999, Macau returned to China as aSpecial Administrative Region-SAR of China under the principle of”One Country, Two Systems”,  as specified in the Basic  Law.  Law and Society for another 50 years until 2049

Under Basic Law, Macao has the freedom to autonomy on all sides except military and foreign affairs, which the Chinese government will take care of. In addition, Macau maintains its status as a free port city and has independent customs zones separate from China, as well as being able to implement trade, economic, financial policies. Education and culture with different countries freely.


The Macao government is the authority to govern theMacao Sargeance Region, with the chief executive as head of the government and agencies including   secretariats, bureaux, departments   and divisions supporting administrative work.

Macau’s chief executive was chosen by the Election Committee for 200 people and appointed by the Chinese government. The current chief executive, Fernando Chui Sai-on, took office in 2009.

Administrative Region

During Macao’s colonial rule of Portugal, there were two municipalities:

1)Municipality of Macau is responsible for the area on the Macao Peninsula.

2)Municipality of the Islands is responsible for the area on the island.  Taipa and Coloane Island

However, on December 31, 2001, after Macao returned to China, the two municipalities were dissolved, and the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau was    established instead.

Did you know that the world’s largest casino is in Macau?

Macao has been named the Las Vegas of the Eastern World since 2007, and now, just 11 years ago, Macau became the world’s top leader.

Although Macau has many interesting attractions, including mansions. But most visitors to Macau come because they want to gamble, and the world’s largest casino is in Macau.

The Venetian Macao located in the Macao Sargation of China. Venetian Macau is both the largest hotel and casino in the world. The 40-storey, 40-storey-tall, single-family hotel in Asia, the sixth largest building in the world, is designed in Italian style and has a construction budget of USD 2.4 billion or approximately USD 74,600 million.

The casino is divided into four major zones: Golden Fish, Imperial House, Red Dragon and Phoenix,  along with more than 3,400 slot machines and over 900 gambling tables, and a large hall with up to 15,000 seats. There are also a full range of comforts to accommodate tourists.

Must-See Macau Casinos

Macau is one of the most popular and world-renowned casinos in Macau. When it comes to Macau, everyone is sure to think of casinos, which are full of colors and beauty. Bet enthusiasts shouldn’t miss it. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most interesting and popular casinos in Macau.

  • Gran Lisboa & Casino Lisboa

Macau’s most famous casinos Located in the center of Macau, Senado Square is also known for its   vibrant colours. It’s another landmark that betting enthusiasts shouldn’t miss when visiting Macau.

The interior of Grand Lisboa & Casino Lisboa is magnificent, with several floors of casinos. Complimentary drinks, tea, coffee and soft drinks are also available at all times. Grand  Lisboa & Casino Lisboa also has a bar that  accommodates the needs of players.

  • Wynn Casino

It is a casino not too far from Grand Lisboa & Casino Lisboa.  Just a short underground trip to Wynn Casino, where players can watch the spectacular fountain show in front of Wynn Casino every 15 minutes.

The interior of Wynn Casino is not just a casino. There are also shopping areas. I would definitely love to shop. Brands like Gucci, Louise Vuitton, Hermes and Channel are also 10000.  

Wynn Casino also offers a wide selection of casino table games. Baccarat, roulette, hilo, blackjack, etc. are divided into several zones to choose from. Wynn Casino is sure to please casino table betting enthusiasts.

  • MGM Macau

Another famous Macau casino that everyone should come to, both gambling enthusiasts and those who don’t like gambling, has elegant décor and is constantly changing the interior of the casino. You can tell how many times you’ve come; it feels different.

It’s over for a must-see casino in Macau. If any player can travel to Macau to bet, the three casinos we offer today can’t be missed because all 3 places, besides luxury, have free drinks. There are also plenty of games to choose from.